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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Women

we went to see The Women the other day. I'm not a massive fan of Meg Ryan and I hadn't read any reviews or anything but I was looking forward to it.

I thought it was going to be some kind of indie style, philosophical, female driven depiction of female empowerment. It really wasn't. It was fun, though, and the performance were good but it centred around a man you never met. It was great that it was a film entirely populated by women but even this was a bit weird as it was a little overused. Women were everywhere - on street corners, stood in corridors, loitering everywhere. Seeing lesbians stood kissing each other in the aisles of a lesbian restaurant was rather marvelous, though Sitting down at your table and kissing is very boring, especially for a lesbian!

It was a great film, though. I haven't seen the original but I will soon. Joan Crawford was in the original and we all know how difficult she was. Joan is a famous knitter and would often knit on set. Apparently, she didn't like Norma Shearer too much so she would knit really loudly, clacking her needles together, while on set hoping to upset her co star! Director george Cukor once ordered her to leave her knitting off-set!

When Craig told me this it kind of summed up the whole film - new version at least - there was not an ounce of subtlety anywhere in the film.


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