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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Stockport, Chesterfield and 2 weeks to go

Well, the countdown has really begun with 2 weeks to the opening. Yesterday I drove to Stockport and back in 8 hours to collect a lovely old Chesterfield sofa so all of our visitors can knit in a bit of retro luxury. It's lovely, come and try it out at one of our late night knits! Of course, I didn't miss a Knit A River opportunity and stopped in at the Reddish Community Centre where I interrupted a game of bingo to get a flyer stuck up - we are hoping for an influx of blue squares from Stockport very soon! So, a delightful drive back to London just as soon as we arrived, but there was cold beer waiting at the Beehive so that was worthwhile after all - and the sofa looks a treat. G is working on his giant yellow beanbags for more lounging, and all the gorgeous yarns are here (almost). Oooh it looks lovely, honest.

Craig x

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