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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Cancellations on the Victoria Line, but cakes and beer and the Metro ran smoothly.....

Thanks to everyone who came along yesterday to add their blue squares to the growing River. With the weather on and off all day we still managed to fit in some great photos for the Metro (despite the original plan of knitting on the Tube not coming to fruition). in a way it was a good thing as it means the article will run nationally in the Metro and it was felt that photos on the Tube wouldn't mean much to people in Manchester or Edinburgh. Still, a good time was had by all and we should have some brilliant shots of the River from Vauxhall Bridge. The article should be in on the 4th September to get down to your nearest station and grab a copy.

It was then back to the shop for drinks and nibbles. Special thanks to those who brought home-made cookies and cakes and thanks to the Bonnington cafe for the use of the loo! It was a long day which ended at 11pm with a delicious meal at The Coriander with Erica and Esther....and up at 7am this morning for painting! Apologies to anyone who may have visited Spitalfields to see us over the past 2 weeks as we just haven't been able to make it due to commitments with getting ready for the shop opening. But we'll be back next week for sure, and we'll have a selection of our new stock to pore over.

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