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Friday, August 18, 2006

Pete wins BB, i win the Spanish Lottery, we don't paint the shop.....

Friday night...should've been painting over the cracks in the shop with our delightful white/magnolia mix. Instead, we needed to be home in time for BB! I know it's not socially acceptable to admit to watching it, but actually we did and we ain't ashamed. It did give me the chance to finish my scarf that I started about 7 months ago...it's the first thing I attempted to knit so it was garter stitch all the way in a lovely shade of grey - but I love it all the more for it's minimalism. I'm going to sew a couple of buttons on though to give it a bit extra...although the buttonholes caused a few problems today.

We're still moving furniture around and arguing about just where exactly our lovely Chesterfield will go (if you're coming tomorrow for knitting blue squares please stick your oar in and let us know, but bear in mind we open in 2 weeks so it isn't exactly tidy! The Square is full of such lovely, chatty, crafty types that we don't get much done of an evening as we're too busy making friends and chit-chat. Nevermind though, did I mention we had a lovely sofa that you come and sit on for a drink and a chat?

Hurrah for Pete! I think I'm a winner too because I received a letter all the way from Spain today to tell me I'd won £700,000 in the Spanish lottery. All I need to do to claim it is send back the form with my bank details and they'll transfer the money straightaway. I'm so lucky...and I don't even remember ever playing the Spanish lottery!

Til tomorrow then. Hope to see lots of folk there for Knit A River....the Metro will be taking some pics so put your best frocks on and have a great day. Unfortunately I've still got my day job to do so while I'm selling tickets for London's hottest period dramas do enjoy yourselves, won't you? Gerard will be there to look after you all.

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