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Thursday, November 02, 2006

about last night

If you were one of the knitters who turned out to knit last night only to be foiled please accept my apologies. For almost a year the knitting group has ran seamlessly alongside all other aspects of life. For some periods it has even been all aspects of life.

Last night, however, (at first I laughed off suggestions that we were cursed!) the knitting club did not run smoothly, at least in the beginning.

Firstly, Salvador and Amanda being the pretentious eejits I should have known them to be cancelled our booking as they didn't want knitters in their bar. That's Salvador and Amanda near the Photographers Gallery, please boycott and tell as many people you can to do the same. Then, after hastily arranging to go to The Soho Theatre Bar we found out that it was closed for a refurb! So we just though we would go back to one of our favourite bars, The Crown and 2 Chairmen as it is just a few doors away from bar number 2.

I arrived a little later than usual as I had printer problems - trying to print out directions to bar number 3 that I could post on the door of bar number 2.

I got to bar number 3 to find some unhappy knitters not knitting. The upstairs bar we wanted in bar number 3 was being used for a private function and we didn't like the downstairs bar - dark, smoky, noisy, packed etc etc. I was, understandably, a little confused by all the toing and froing. I don't usually mind toing and froing as chaos is often refreshing and I believe in the saying 'you know you're alive when you are fighting'.

We made the decision to move to bar number 4, The Pitcher and Piano, which was just opposite, still on Dean Street. I told the bar staff and the door staff of 2 and 3 and I even posted some information about where we were around the entrance to bar number 3.

We had a great night in the end, after much carrying of heavy chairs from the upstairs bar which they wouldn't open.

I am really sorry to those of you who couldn't find us. We were there and although it seemed like there was a strong force against us we managed after a few vodkas to overcome it. There were about 20 of us knitting eventually.

I even learned to crochet (above) and have just about finished my hat (below), although judging by some of the reactions to my gorgeous kid mohair yarn I don't think I will be in possession of the hat for very long.

The divine Sue Powell taught me to crochet. Sue will be teaching crochet in the shop soon so if you are interested let us know as places will be much sought after, I have no doubt.

So, to recap, a million apologies for this week's meeting being a little messy. I'll bring cake to the next pub meeting to make up for it.

Knit on - don't let anything get in your way!

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