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Friday, November 10, 2006

Just like having your mates round for the night...

It's incredible to think that this time last year we had no idea we'd be sitting in our own knitting shop, surrounded by lots of lovely knitters and lounging on a giant yellow bean bag. But, stranger things have happened. I still have to pinch myself sometimes to believe we're doing it, people like it, and we've made so many great friends since we set out on this knitting journey in January. Gerard can't believe he was a lonesome knitter for years before he decided to go out and meet some more! When I finish my day job and think that I'll be going to do another four hours (or in tonight's case 6) in the shop I'd expect to be ready to just curl up into a ball, but it's just not like work. We've had folk in every night his week. Last night's unofficial Wednesday night out-of-the-pub meeting was grand, with so many new faces and great atmosphere. Tonight it was the same feeling, with number of knitters just popping in and staying on the couch all night. Our original intention was that IKL would never be just a shop, but also a sanctuary, a living room away from home where you could chill out, have a drink and get on with your knitting without distraction (except to stop now and then for a piece of cake). I'm happy that knitters are finding it welcoming and warm(ish) and long may they continue to lounge amongst the Tilli Tomas. What better place could there be??

I've been adding a few more links over there on the right this week, which I've mentioned below. One project that I haven't linked to (because I can't find one) is the BBC led knitting for war veterans. They are supplying yarn and patterns so there's no excuse not to be involved. We'll try to post more info as and when , but for now we know they are aiming for 100 hats by December for those war vets from WW2 to the present day. If there's anyone who would also like to come down to Vauxhall for some filming as part of a BBC documentary about the project then please get in touch with us at info@iknit.org.uk

One more addition to the blog is our message board. We've had this for a while over on MySpace but didn't advertise it much, but the link is now over there too >>> come over and chat to us or other knitters whenever you like.

For those following the pink baby jacket fiasco, for my beautiful niece Cassie, then it's bad news I'm afraid. I was using a pattern from a book in the shop, just flicking to the right page and doing it bit by bit. Of course, I never thought someone might want to buy the book. Now I'm patternless and whilst we wait to reorder the whole thing becomes a distant memory. Poor thing. Am I just the worst godfather ever....6 months and still no knitted bootees or owt.


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