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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dancing with dead pop stars...

Ah, Halloween, don't you just love it? I spent most of the evening teaching a witch how to cast on (not a personal insult, just a descriptive term you understand) and telling the local kids that I didn't have any sweets and I certainly didn't have any money! I realised I'm officially an old git too when I found myself getting irritated by the seventh time it happened - I wouldn't mind but when I used to trick or treat we dressed up but we weren't that scary - is it just me or are some of the costumes these days just too realistic? I hate those bloody Scream masks cos they scare the pants off me, and those axes stuck in kids' heads are just not that funny! Or are they?

After closing the shop at 9 I cycled over to the Retro Bar for the Halloween party. You can almost guarantee a better class of fancy dress when there's a few gayboys involved, what with the scope for drag and make-up. We were just lame and didn't make the effort but the place was full of dead pop stars (a few pics below) and packed. Bloody funny (no pun intended) but 19 out of 20 in the pop quiz still wasn't enough to win. Some eerily good turns too, it was like rock hell (John Denver was obviously lost) and not an Elvis in sight.

[Photos will be inserted here when I get it to work]

Once home it was just time to watch the original Halloween movie. It's one of my favourite films, really creepy, and it's got one of the shortest but best knitting scenes in cinema history. Jamie Lee knits away while her mates are all being slaughtered across the street, but gets her revenge later when she plunges one of her needles into the side of Michael Myers' head. Nice. Always have your knitting ready in case of attack by a demented serial killer I say.

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