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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

the eye of the storm

The most controversial figure of the decade is about to descend on us, ladies and gentlemen!

I've read the blog, fondled the book and now I'm braced for some light vanilla sponge and some pinny porn!

Yep, Yarnstorm, Ms Jane Brocket herself, is coming to our little shop this Saturday for a spot of crafternoon tea!

We are thrilled to welcome Jane to the shop for the crafternoon (sorry for using the 'pp' phrase, Jane). The book, The Gentle Art of Domesticity, is gorgeous and we can't wait to meet her, sample some delicious cakes and drink some tea. The books are stacked and screaming to be signed.

We've also set up a baricade of fences to keep the paps and blood thirsty journos at arms length!

It's going to be a great afternoon. See you there!


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Mel said...

It was a fab afternoon even if Ems did eat most of the cakes! When I emptied her bag at home it was full of the little wrappers. Jane was a great speaker and I am looking forward to getting my signed book back at christmas which was taken straight off me when I got home and sent to santa for wrapping.