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Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday means a film! and a competition!

Tonight is the first Friday Film Night.

The Talented Mr Ripley, 7pm.

We chose this film not just because it's good but because the book club recently loved The Cry of the Owl, both written by Patricia Highsmith.

Tonight is the first Friday in ages we won't see Tom. We miss him while he's sunning himself on a tropical beach holiday!

ALSO, inspired by the recent competition on GlittyKnittyKitty I am offering 2 tickets for the UK sticth and bitch day for the winner of the best film titles with knitting puns.

The Talented Mr Knitly, obvious really.
Oliver Twisted Thread
Girl with a Purl Earing

The winner will be the funniest, obviously much funnier than these!!! - and will be judged by myself and Craig and other I Knit reps.

post entries as a comment
winner announced next Friday!


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