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Sunday, October 21, 2007

in the eye of the storm: pt 2

Yesterday was great. Jane Brocket came to the shop to talk about her book, The Gentle Art of Domesticity, and her blog. Jane was lovely and a great speaker and we loved hosting the event, thanks again Jane, we can't wait to see you and your crochet flowers at the Stitch 'n Bitch Day! Also, I was super glad with Jane's perfect accent. The North West of England, being the centre of the universe, produces the most exquisite people.

Not being a great photographer and being at the back of a massive crowd meant I didn't get great pictures...
...Jane's cakes were great! They lasted about 5 minutes.
A chocolatey quilt; gorgeous! Quilting is one of things that I have always loved the idea of. I've never done any and I suspect I wouldn't be very good but I would love to get into it. One day. It's on the list of things to do and, thanks to Jane's book, it's getting closer to the top!
Another great thing about yesterday was that one of my favorite people, blogless Lynsey, finished her first pair of socks. They are as beautiful as her and the sock world is now her oyster!
Craig missed the storm yesterday, and we missed him, but I managed to keep a few of Jane's cakes for him which were munched in the pub with the obligatory cider.
Thanks also to Melissa, Sue and Lynsey for all your help with yesterday. mwah!

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