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Thursday, October 18, 2007

sock wars?

Is anyone reading involved in sock wars?

I signed up but I didn't ever hear anything so I must have fallen off the list somehow. I'm so disappointed! I was really looking forward to being part of this wierd game where you are given name and adress of a target. You knit socks for this person and send them. This eliminates them from the game and they send you their work in progress and the details of their target. This goes on until there is a winner.

I guess I am a looser!

Anyway, we've got a map on or blog! It's exciting to see the dots/readers are all over the place. Sock what?


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bronchitikat said...

I got similarly caught. Apparently they had so many knitters registering then dropping out due to circumstances that you had to confirm that you were actually fit to fight some time last week.

Having missed that minor detail I ended up knitting the socks for myself. Then frogging to the ankles, knitting them longer in the leg, with short-row heels & using a size larger needle for the feet. Result! http://sharonspix.jonpearse.net/photos/Knitting/MyScar.JPG