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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Knit, a National Treasure

Yesterday was an amazing day. We got a late call to go on to the Alan Titchmarsh show and talk about knitting. Who are we to refuse?

for those of you who don't know, Alan Titchmarch is a national treasure. His show is on ITV1 in the afternoon (but I think the last episode of this series is today).

All the production staff were fantastic and I loved every minute of it. I talked, very briefly to Ulrika and Cannon and Ball!

My two favorite parts of the show -
1, talking to Alan about knitting and making sure that I said as much as possible about I Knit
2, meeting Jonathan and tasting the gin. He's a fantastic man and I urge everyone to buy his gin right now. We will be stocking it in the shop and I will be giving it to many people this Christmas.

I waved at Alan once while dressed as a tap at the Chelsea Flower Show. He didn't have time that day and I was devastated.

I spent hours in the BBC building and I let the door close on Ruby Turner and was slightly devastated that I didn't bump into Terry Wogan.

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Jen said...

I spotted the trophy in the shop this afternoon and wondered what it was for - should have asked!