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Sunday, February 24, 2008


I'm making a clapotis. It's my first and a bit over due. I was making it for myself initially but it's soon to be a special day for a special woman so I think this will just have to be another thing I don't keep. I've used Manos silk blend and I'm about half way through and I've only used 1 hank. This stuff is amazing, it is so and easy to knit and it just keeps on going. You can't really tell but the colours are gorgeous, different shades of emerald green with white.



Queen of the froggers said...

Clapotis was one of my favourite ever knits, I think I might have to do another in the yarn you are using, looks fab!

Iriss said...

OOH, Ive been wanting to try this one too. That yarn looks tasty :)

Bronchitkat said...

Gerard, if that picture is supposed to be of GREEN yarn, you camera needs attention.

Otherwise it looks great. I may just have to knit one too - once I can sort out a recipient.