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Friday, February 29, 2008

The KNIFTAs..(formerly the CREAK Awards!)

Never mind the bloomin' Oscars...there's a new award show in town (sort of). After our recent post about the dirge of bad knitting on the telly we've decided to create a forum where those who can manage to knit and act at the same time are rewarded for their efforts.

So, we give you the first ever KNIFTAs (Knitting in Film and Television Awards). We need your nominations as follows:

Worst knitting/crochet/craft scene
  • the criteria covers everything from a so-called actor- type pretending to knit/crochet when clearly they have no idea what they are doing, to simply, bad knitwear on screen.

Best knitting/crochet/craft scene

  • opposite of the above; this award will go to the turn who shows that knitting and acting are possible at the same time. Extra kudos will be given if the knitting is a symbolic metaphor for a deeply meaningful moment…
Best knitwear
  • I think I know which film might win this one…but the title says it all. Nominate the film that contains a piece (or pieces) of knitwear you just couldn’t take your eyes off!
Oustanding Contribution award
  • you can’t nominate for this, but we’ll be recognising the efforts of someone to keep knitting on our screens too…

It’s all a bit of a laugh and we’ll be announcing the winners later this year…you never know we might even have a ceremony at I Knit Day if we get enough votes!

Rules (sorry there has to be oneor two) - all nominated films must have played in UK/US cinemas, or been shown on UK/US television in the last year or two. We’ll watch all the nominees and our judging panel will rate them…

For movie inspiration you can check out our own ‘knitting in films’ page. Post your nominations here or on the Ravelry I knit group message board, where you also argue/discuss the other nominations. I hope we can make this a funny little awards ceremony!


Amy H said...

My nomination for best knitting scene:
I just saw this one on Friday at Sci-Fi London, Dragon Hunters. A cute animated film where the main character, dragon hunter Lian-Chu knits, dreams of having a sheep farm for wool, and even defeats a dragon with knitting needles!

AustenWodehouse said...

My nomination is After The Thin Man. Nick and Nora Charles )William Powell and Myrna Loy) are on a train headed back to San Francisco from New York having just solved another murder. It is the last scene and while they have been talking to their friends and wishing them a good night Nora (Loy) has been knitting,after their friends have left Nick looks down at her handy work and asks her what it is she is knitting and picks up the little perfectly knit baby boot, says "what's this, a baby sock?". Nora, who throughout the film has been having food cravings, looks at him and says " and you call yourself a detective!"