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Monday, June 23, 2008

Crochet Jam!

Saturday's Crochet Jam at the Riyal Festival Hall was so much fun! The Jam was to encourage people to crochet and to contribute to the Hyperbolic Coral Reef at the same time!

We had a great team of teachers including Sue, Yvonne, Claire, Denise and Maria. Thank you to all for being brilliant.
We had the Shellac Sisters, Virginia and Ms Pip, to keep swaying all afternoon and the most amazing Kalki Le Hula spinning a different way. It was brilliant to see almost 100 open mouthed crocheters as Kalki worked her way through a stunning hula hoop twirling performance. She even crocheted while she was twirling!

Even though it was quite hot in the Clore Ballroom we produced a mighty bunch of hyperbolics which were ceremoniously pinned on to the coral mound and is now on display at the Festival Hall.
Amy Lamé was great, as usual as our host and I was marvelous as her not so glamorous assistant. I also got to be an independent adjudicator (for the second time!) when Amy did a quiz!

The exhibitions will be at the RFH and the Hayward Gallery until August. You can still contribute!!!



Mrs Woman said...

Hi Craig & Gerard, Worra lovely crochet jam with the equally lovely Amy Lame. I miss her on Danny Baker's lost lamented Podcast : ( Anyway, Craig, you;ve been tagged with the 5 Things meme, so check back on me blog for the rules. Love L x

scullyknits said...

Gerard- I have just noticed taht the way you signed your name on the badge you are wearing - very celeby.....