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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Lesbians are revolting

"Is it fair that a Lesbian can't be called a Lesbian just in case somebody thinks they are...a lesbian" ;)

As we were away for the weekend (more of that in another post) news reached us, via the BBC Worldwide channel, of the Lesbian revolt of Lesbos, where one man's mission to reclaim the word has ended up in one of the best bits of telly we've seen in ages.

Watch the report here.

I love the bit when the old bloke says, "I am proud to be a Lesbian". Reporter: "But are you a Lesbian?". Huge sigh..., "A Lesbian from Lesbos, NOT a homosexual". The fact he's a bloke doesn't seem to have anything to do with it! But his sister is embarassed to be a Lesbian apparently.

We love Barbara though. She is priceless!

If the Lesbians think they have a problem they should feel sorry for the people who live here.


Sophie Holt said...

Haha, brilliant - I love comically named towns. We live just a little over from 'Fingring Hoe'. Ha :P

scullyknits said...

made me laugh! great fun