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Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Knit London knitting group at Concrete Bar and Café

Each Wednesday and Thursday we run the knitting group. We have done for over 2 years. We go to pubs, We sit in parks. We have our own knitting shop and sanctuary. We haven't done a regular blog until now - so each week we'll post a pic and a list of what he talked about....you never know who you'll meet, what you'll knit or where the conversation will lead!

Last night we enjoyed the bar's 'laughing hour' with buy one get one free on beer, wine and cocktails; amigurumi, Afghanistan, Ravelry, hyperblic crochet; Russian beer; champagne and peach schnapps; Kate Moss; tabloid news; The Great British Sheep; Woolfest; how to suck a vodka-soaked melon; Carlisle; gaydom; Matt Lucas' divorce; Dr Who; David Tennant in Hamlet....

The conversation continues tonight!

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yogicknitter said...

Great excuse to pop up and get some needles for magic loop - hurray.