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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Plastic fantastic

As well as selling stuff in our shop we also like to see what people have been making and we get lots of people bringing stuff in to show us. Now, we've seen knitting with plastic bags before (we've got a bit of our own in the window at the moment) but these bags, knitted by Emily Blades, are amazing. The details that's gone into the motifs are incredible - by saving up bags from certain supermarkets and batching them together in colours Emily has managed to make a functional but beautiful bit of knitting. The fish, butterfly, heart, apple motifs etc show that knitting with recycled can produce great results and it's just as versatile as more traditional yarns. Her second bag, below, is finished off with some smart handles and is strong enough to use everday, not just for show. Stop throwing those bags away and get knitting!


Sophie Holt said...

Wondered if you'd seen this?


Gerard & Craig said...

Yes! Funnily enough we were talking about this only last night - they asked us to be part of it but there's only 2 of us and time is against us. ;(

Looks amazing. We are next to the WI tea tent at Camp Bestival and we can't wait!