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Friday, June 13, 2008

time out

We are very proud to be number 6 in the Time Out guide to the best free things to do in London. We've been in this list a few times. Everyone knows that there is lots to do in London but not all of it costs money and it takes just a little investigation to uncover a mountain of free stuff.

We love our knitting groups and we would just like to say thank you to everyone who makes it what it is. 

We are particularly looking forward to the Knit In Public Treasure Hunt this Saturday. I'm sure it's going to be brilliant.

The article mentioned Thursday night particularly so... Here are a couple of pics from last night.
Knitters from the Liberty's group join us a couple of Thursdays a month and they are very welcome. Seeing people knitting in the shop is a huge reward to us, it's the reason we moved to a bigger space, although we often run out of space but we never run out of wine or cider.
p.s. I wish I could show you some of my knitting but for the past few months all I have been knitting for a book project. More news on that soon.

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