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Friday, July 22, 2011

I Knit (not just) Sock Club, pt 2

The second part of the sock club went out last week. We've had lots of emils and calls to say how much it has been loved! The yarn is from Naturadl Dye Studio. The colourway is Sea Cabbage, which is not the colourway used for wither of the pattern you see below, it is a gorgeous green with light, almost yellow, spots.

The Sock pattern below is one of my designs and is called Twisted. I love the diamonds and even though this isn't the easiest sock to knit the raised single stitch cable is really effective against the reverse stocking stitch background, so it's worth it. The yarn used for the sock is an I Knit or Dye 100% merino sock yarn.This is a scarfusing and Estonian pattern that I really love. At the centre of the cross is a stitch that has a greathas a great effect.The ayrn used for the scarf, also designed by me, is another I Knit or Dye yarn, 50% merino 50% silk. It's really gorgeous!Thank you to Jan for being a gorgeous model.


Joan Douglas said...

I LOVE this Twisted Sock pattern. I wonder how I could get the pattern?

Joan said...

I LOVE this Twisted Sock pattern. Is it possible to get a copy of it?