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Friday, July 08, 2011

I Knit a shawl

I made a shawl. I love making shawls. I've been waiting to block this for a couple of weeks because I can't find my blocking wires. We sell wires in the shop but our suppliers have had a few problems with their supply so they've taken a few weeks longer to get her - they'll be here on Tuesday! Anyway, a friend brought some to the shop and I blocked!

This is Deborah, in a Gaga moment, wearing the shawl.
It's Sylvie Beez' Little Valentine. It's an easy knit. The chart repeats aren't that regular until the last section so I couldn't do anything without the pattern but I loved it, and I love the finished product.
Prince, Michael Jackson offspring or just plain crazy person? The pictures were taken in the shop and I think we annoyed/irritated/freaked out a couple of people. Sorry about that, although it was Friday afternoon!
This is my favourite picture. I made it with the I Knit or Dye yarn from the first installment of the I Knit (not just) Sock Club. The yarn is called Bachelorette. There is less pink in mine than in others I've seen but I still love it.

The second installment of the (not just) sock club is available tomorrow for those who want to pick it up at the shop. I hope lots of people bring in FO with the yarn from the first parcel.

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