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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween curse?

I'm starting to think we've upset some witches who have cast some kind of spell on us....first we get told we can't knit in the bar we were going to , then the bar we choose closes down for refurbishment!! So this is just a short interim blog to say we're going back to our most popular knitting venue tomorrow, the Crown and Two Chairmen on Dean Street, Soho. We'll be in the upsatirs bar where there is no smoking, the beer is lovely, the food is great, and the sofas and are comfy. Wednesday 1st November from 6pm.

If anyone knows how to lift a curse do let us know.



purl pirate said...

Hmmm, well I happen to know that you have some knitting witches in your corner (um, me and probably some others), so maybe this was just the universe playing a prank for Halloween.

Whirly Sue said...

Mmmmm, never actually liftedone.....

See you this evening!

(wondering if my foray into HTML has worked.......)

Frustrated Knitters! said...

So what happened at - we turned up and no knitters?

Anonymous said...

I was there clutching my needles and couldn't find any friendly knitters anywhere! Where were you all?

I Knit London said...

So sorry. Please read the latest blog entry for details...we realy were up against the forces of evil this week! They will DEFINITELY be cake next time to make up for it.