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Monday, September 29, 2008


I've been shopping. I've had lots of time since the 6 September - well, relatively as the shop is still very busy.

I went a little crazy on eBay. I got about 20 books in a week. All are great books, some better than others but I love them all. I think I might do some fair isle swatches and get them framed...

Practical Knitting Illustrated is brilliant and was published in 1930's I think - there is an inscription that says 1940.

this is most of my purchases!
this is Craig's only contribution! - not even if we had a dog!
I love this book. It has a section about designing sweaters and there are pages and pages of charts like the one below.
Does anyone want to manage a very busy knitting shop in central London? I have some knitting to do.


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Mary the Knit said...

If you thought that haul was good, wait until you see the ex-Library book sale at Lee Mills!