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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Pete Waterman, pop genius and train fan

It might not come as much of a surprise to learn that I, Craig, used to be a trainspotter. I had all the books and everything, wrote all the numbers in a little pad and got really excited when the APT stopped at Kingmoor Marshalling Yards in Carlisle (which was just over the field from the house where I grew up). This might not mean much to those uniniated in the whys and wherefores of the trainspotter but I still get excited when I think of seeing the APT. It probably won't surprise anyone to discover that I was also a bit of a fan of Stock, Aitken and Waterman - not just post-ironically either. I think they are under-rated musical geniuses. Honest.

Well, both of these come together when Pete Waterman (should be Sir Pete by now surely?) visits Lower Marsh today! He's signing copies of his new book A Train is for Life at the Ian Allan bookshop, just up the road from our knitting shop! I'm tempted to take in my original 12" of Kylie's The Locomotion to get signed.....

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Tombola said...

hahaha, brilliant! I hope you went to say hello?

I never had much interest in trainspotting, but I did enjoy playing a game on the Amiga when I was younger: Sensible Trainspotting. It was by the geniuses that made Sensible Soccer and Cannon Fodder and was a freebie given away with Amiga Power. Your character sat on a bench, occasionally slurping from a flask, watching trains go past and you had to spot the numbers on them before they went off screen. It got harder as more and more trains passed by and their numbers could only be glimpsed briefly. Computer trainspotting must be way sadder than the real thing!