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Monday, September 22, 2008

dream workshop?

the blog a day idea didn't last long!

We're busy planning for national knitting week. We have lots going on, with presentations and book signings -
Knitting and Crochet Guild presentation on Wednesday 15 Oct
Lise-Lotte Lystrup, author of Vintage knits will be with us on Thursday

Franklin is coming on 14 November!

We also have the launch of A Stitch in Time on 22 November.

AND, just as a little tease! we have the launch of the most brilliant tea cosy book sometime in the end of November!!!!

Before all that, though, Erika Knight will be with us on 4 October to launch her new book, Men's Knits, and auction the garments!

With all this in mind, plus, I am still dreaming about having met Jane Sowerby, Heléné Magnusson, and Erika Knight, and Sandra Polley, Sasha Kagan, Maggie Knits and everyone at I Knit Day, I am wondering about dream workshops. 

There are a few people people whose workshops I would love to attend. There are so many people with so many skills that I would love to learn that, I think, I could happily be a full time workshop participant. It's a tough questions, but...

Who would lead your dream workshop?

I'd love to have your ideas and opinions, please leave a comment.



Anonymous said...

Someone who is best to show me how to use a drop spindle as over lunch at Iknit I spoke to some ravellers who had learnt in the morning. However I couldn't find the stall holder they spoke about, boo hoo. So whoever you think would be best. I know you have been spinning with your birthday wheel Gerard, so maybe it would be you? Jacqueline

Gerard & Craig said...

I had a brief lesson with a spindle and loved it! so I agree with that one! You were looking for Jo from Moonspinning, she brilliant!

any more - I know for a fact that lots of people read this blog!


Anonymous said...

My dream workshop would be Stephanie Pearl-McPhee... but then, I'm all about the Harlot!


Probably Jane said...

Nancy Bush - as you know, I am a total sock geek but her lace is an inspiration too.