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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mikes, t-shirts...and the secret of good vinaigrette

Everything is learning. I always think if you don't take something away from every situation then you're doing yourself a disservice. Learning a useless bit of trivia, or learning something about yourself (or others) that makes you change your way of doing stuff. It's all the same to me. For me it's usually the trivial stuff I like to store and my collector's mentality means I'm always up or filling my vital brainspace with another piece of intriguing fluff. But, I'm also up for learning big stuff too.

After last Saturday's I Knit Day we've both found ourselves reading all the blogs and message boards with huge grins, happy that it went well and that people enjoyed themselves. But there's lots of stuff we learned too (after all this is really the second show of it's kind that we've ever done, and the first this big)...next year more sarnies, more presentations and separate rooms for our special guests. Through reading Yarn Harlot's blog I've also learned that I need to spend more time rediscovering London. When I moved here I walked for miles, usually looking up. Our life is taken up with so much work for IKL that sometimes I wonder if there's any point being in London as we never see much of it!
One of the least likely parts of Saturday's learning curve is the secret to great vinaigrette. Gerard made a new friend in Hélène Magnusson, who spoke about her Icelandic Knitting Using Rose Patterns and he's alreayd begun his first project. Her other book, which she presented to Gerard, signed, is The secret of good vinaigrette revealed to Icelanders which is one of those unexpected surprises you come across now and then (and a brilliant title). Learning how to make bilberry flavoured vinegar is the last thing I expected.


helene magnusson said...

Craig, can I be your friend too?

Gerard & Craig said...

Of course...just wish I'd had more time to chat with you on the day! Loving your book. Craig