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Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Crown and Two Chairmen heaving with knitters...

Blimey! What a great turn out last night for the meeting at The Crown and Two Chairmen in the heart of Soho. It was so great to see everyone, old and new, for our first Wednesday meet up. Gerard sends his apologies to everyone for not being able to make it, but I can attest to the fact that he really wouldn't have missed a night of knitting and drinking if he didn't have to! But, thanks to everyone who helped teach the basics to the novice knitters and set them on their way with a ball of yarn, needles and a spring in their step. It was so nice to see so many new faces alongside the regulars and I hope you'll all find time to pop back for another meeting in future. We also broke a record last night for the most men at one meeting!! Hurray for Graham, Tom, Rudolf and myself - now girls, get those husbands and boyfriends along next time cos we still feel outnumbered!

It was also encouraging to see so many projects on the go, not just blue squares! I think Rudolf's mobius loop scarf/hoodie takes the honour of most impressive creation of the night (should've taken a photo!) but as I was doing a very basic i-cord I'm probably easily pleased. It was a long, enjoyable evening, and a great location. When we've exhausted all the possibilities we'll certainly be returning and lounging there.

As the meetings are every two weeks we are continuing with that pattern every Wednesday, and the next meeting will be at The Phoenix on Cavendish Square (Oxford Circus) on Wednesday 20th September. Meanwhile, we'll be having an interim meeting every Wednesday at the I Knit London shop on Bonnington Square. For anyone who hasn't experienced Bonnington Square come down next Wednesday and find possibly the most relaxing bit of London (don't be put off when you're trying to find your way out of Vauxhall station and you think it's a bit grim!) We're pleased to report that we've applied for a drinks licence (and music and movies) but as that's in the pipeline do feel absolutely free to bring along your own beverages and lounge on the Chesterfield or the bright yellow beanbag. If the knitting and drinking aren't enough to entice you, you can pop over the road for a takeaway at London's best veggie restaurant! We've just come back from there - do you know anywhere else you can buy a biodynamic tart made from ingredients planted and cultivated in accordance with the moon cycle and astrological systems??


PS Anyone else having trouble posting pictures here?? I'll try to get some pics up if anyone can help me out!


dræyk said...

hehe... eee i must get knitting soon... you guys inspire me... do you have any bio-dynamic yarn in yet? hehe... draeyk... the cook over the road...


Alice said...

i find blogger pics are patchy at uploading, but if you leave it 10 mins it'll sort itself out (just save your post and go back to it later)

the other option is save it to flickr and then paste in, but that doesn't work for all blogger styles. sometimes the picture bleeds into the info bar