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Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Phoenix, it's a family affair!

Thanks to all who joined us tonight for knitting at The Phoenix (lovely strawberry beer on tap I must say) - including Erica who brought the whole family along (left)- knitting is international and ignores the language barrier!! I'm only sorry we didn't persuade your dad to get involved! It was a splintered group tonight as there just wasn't enough room for us all (are we running out of pubs large enough?), but it was great to see old faces and new ones too...Sue, Sarah and Elly (pictured below) welcome to I Knit London! Apologies to those I didn't get a snap of, you can pose for pics next time if you want the fame! Lots on the go tonight...Megan's 'hat' from Walmart, Sue's jumper for her boyfriend (I say why can't he knit it for himself?) in the beautiful new Rowan Tapestry yarn (but don't get me started on Rowan!), Judy (I hope your voice comes back) with a silky DB shawl and even a couple of blue squares. I do love the variety of taste, style and ability of the I Knit Londoners, and long may it continue, even Patrizia with her embroidery (we're called I Knit London Patrizia!)

We held on til the very end with Elly (not pictured) and Hayley (I hope you girls got home OK whichever mode of transport you ended up in) and, yes, we did end up in Chinatown eating an unneccessary, but delicious deep fried squid.

Just a final mention and thanks to Tom...grand to see you again, thoroughly nice chap and man who knits! We should organise a pub quiz outing sometime soon. I don't like to brag so I didn't mention it...but a few years ago I won The Weakest Link y'know!? Honest.

Thanks everyone, I hope you all had a good night and we'll see you next time in another pub somewhere in London...

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Alice said...

pub quiz knitting!

I was doing just that on monday in Wapping and there was a question:

"what form of fabric making uses stitches called garter and purl?".

Half the bar pointed at me and laughed. The other half just scribbled down the answer that had been handed to them...

I keep meaning to come to iknit, but it clashes with other stuff. Will do soon though!