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Thursday, September 21, 2006

not a quiz but a question

Last night Craig and I were asked why, as men, do we like knitting. A philosophical debate ensued, of course. There are many reasons I like knitting, which we discussed. But for now, forget that I'm a man for a minute...I like knitting because it's a peaceful activity; it's creative, it keeps me away from the telly, and all the other obvious things.

There are also many other reasons which are hard, sometimes impossible, to explain but I know there are a billion knitters who think the same - I love yarn and needles and the motion and the way they feel and what you can get from just a little concentration and learning.

One of my favorite reasons for liking knitting so much is that it connects people. Knitting groups are a perfect example - I've made some great friends from going to our knitting in the pub club and I look very much forward to singalongasoundofmusic!

I'm an alien in London; lots of my friends, my oldest friends are in Liverpool and other scattered places, as are all of my family. When I learned to knit lots of friends were about to become new parents and while this was very exciting I harboured some sadness as I was in a different part of the country and I wished I was with them and that I would see their children growing every day. So, I Knit, I thought, I could knit them baby clothes and things. It didn't really make me feel closer to my friends, they know I love them and vice versa, it made me feel close to the new people, 2 of which later became my god-daughters.

Now when I go to visit and the kids don't know me and they get scared because they've never seen a beard before, my friends say to them, "this is Uncle Gerard, he made the jumper you are wearing".

what's your favorite reason for knitting?


glittrgirl said...

I knit because it calms me down, allows me space in which to think, and distracts me from doing fast paced things. Life is fast enough, and it is great to be able to be still. And contemplative, and mindful of time and myself. I also love the challenge of knitting hard lacey things, as I think ripping out and reknitting teaches us great patience and humility. Wow that was pretty philosophical for me.....

Becky said...

I knit for several reasons, It's relaxing, it slows me down both mentally and physically and as a Buddhist i find it is a great form of meditation. Although i do like knitting whilst the afternoon play is on. I have knitted a few garments and gifts for other people (bags scarves, fossils a womb!) but I've been asked to knit a dalek goodness knows how I'm sure a pattern doesn't exist, but I will be visiting the shop to find some appropriate wool. It looked like everyone had a great time at the Phoenix on Wednesday and I am hoping to come along to the next meet.
Happy knitting

Craig said...

Can I reply to our own blog? Anyway, when I started I found it quite stressful and thought 'this isn't supposed to be like this', but with confidence I now don't worry too much. The feeling I got when I finished my first was unexpected but glorious. I have never considered myself to be creative, especially with my hands, but it was very empowering to think I DID THIS! (with a little help from G).

With so many 'traditional' crafts falling by the wayside, it's great that knitting continues to attract new converts even thought the basic techniques have changed little for centuries. It's the simplest of things, but two sticks and some yarn and the world's your oyster!