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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Thank you, thank you, thank you thank you!

....to everyone who came over yesterday to launch the I Knit London shop! We had a great day, meeting old friends and new and we're not ashamed to admit we drank and danced (a bit) into the very early hours surrounded by our gorgeous yarn and lovely friends!

Special mention to Chris, our very first customer, and to everyone who came along and settled down for the afternoon. Eleanor, you're coasters came in handy later on, I wish we'd thought of it sooner! We've still got work to do to bring you even more knitting gorgeousness - more yarns (we are constantly scouring for the stuff you must have), I Knit Noodle Kits to get everything you need in one yummy little box, workshops and classes to organise - but it's nice to be made so welcome by so many knitters, and we met so many new ones too. This morning it's not all over. We are opening today at 12, but before then we'll be treating Rose and Max (Gerard's ma and sis) to a lovely greasy spoon breakfast which should clear our heads and settle our stomachs!

On that note, we'll post a more succinct post when my head is a bit clearer later tonight!


Gerard and Craig
I Knit London

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