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Friday, September 22, 2006

Jane Bolsover's knitted garden...

Ha-ha! This is just what i need today to cheer me up (not that I'm miserable, just a bit tired). Many of you will have seen this garden before, or maybe even took part, but the photo gallery is worth a look!

I had a lovely night in Bonnington Square with Esther and some cider, and some knitting (but not much on my part). I chose the squirrel pic because it's perfect for our blog, seeing as the squirrels of Bonnington Square are regularly popping their heads in the door for a look. I wonder, has anyone tried spinning hair from a bushy squirrel tail? Ended the night with some chips and curry - the proper 'chip shop' curry mind, in a polystyrene pot, that's been nowhere near the Asian subcontinent.

Send in more pics of knitted gorgeousness and strangeness if you see any!

And I echo G's post below - thanks for talking about us!



Yvonne said...

I was involved in the Garden project from the start and helped write some of the patterns and did some of the knitting. Some of the notes and stories can be found on my blog though you may have to dig around for a bit to find them.


Thanks for having the shop open tonight, I needed a few moments of sanity before taking the garden to harrogate for the weekend!

Norma said...

I only discovered this amazing 'knitted garden' today when an English friend who lives in my condo showed me a newspaper from the U.K. with an article in it about Jane Bolsover and her absolutely BRILLIANT cosy knitted garden. How I would LOVE to see a picture of the whole garden. I can't find one anywhere on the Web..is it possible that anyone knows where I can see a pic of the completed garden .....so far. My English friend is not Online and she would be delighted to see the pic as well. Thanks..my email address: normajones1@sympatico.ca

Kind regards
Norma Hubert
Toronto, Ontario Canada