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Sunday, September 03, 2006

The day after....

Ahhh...Sundays are so much more refined than late Saturday nights! Gerard only managed half a day before he needed to recuperate from last night's/this morning's shenanigans and I stayed on for some tidying, sorting and, of course, knitting. A quiet day, watching the world go by, the local characters and the squirrels in the square.

I was going to post again about how excited we both are about yesterday's opening, how committed we are to making I Knit London the warmest welcome for knitters of any age and skill, and how encouraged we are to continue to provide a place to knit and relax in a peaceful corner of London....but, although it's all true...here's some pics!


Arlene said...

Well done for opening a yarn shop in SE London. Please publish your opening hours. I would like to learn to crochet. Do you plan to hold any classes.

Noo said...

Really looking forward to making it over to Vauxhall for a bit of yarn purchasement and knitting. I've added iknit to the list of London yarn stores I keep (see top left of my blog). Let me know if you are made aware of any online reviews so I can add them, or if you have any further info to add (e.g. regular opening hours).