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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Brandon Mably

Brandon came to see us all at the shop last night. We had a great time listening to Brandon talking about his work and his new book, Knitting Colour.

I have to admit to feeling a little bit ashamed as I have never done much colour nitting and last night was a revelation. I was very inspired by him and his book. I am about to start knitting with colour! I have to finish the couple of other things first but I doubt that 1 colour tank top will ever get finished.
I think I may start with a cushion cover. I love the hand print and the stone wall print but my favorite was the crown. It was complete with gold and silver lurex. I am a bit nervous because I've always shyed away from colour, not just in knitting ( I once came out of a shop with 3 tops, each one a different shade of green). Brandon said that knitting with colour was similar to building muscles, the more you do it the easy and better it gets.
He told us so many stories of his work with colour and about managing Kaffe Fassett's studio and gave us so many tips. We are really grateful and very glad you came, Brandon!
Brandon signed a few extra copies of his book for the shop so if you missed it and you want a copy you know where to find it.

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