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Friday, April 13, 2007


I received this most amazing book in the post yesterday! I have been a bit confused, though, as it came straight from the seller. I can only guess that it is from my Secret Pal.

I am right I am sure. Thank you. I love it! I have never done lace and I am very excited to start!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a little scared to be sure as some of the patterns I can't even read but they are described as experienced lace so I am sure I will get to these.

I've spent the winter wrapped in a half finished crochet blanket that became known, thanks to Esther, as a Celtic Warrior Shawl. I will now have a proper ladie warrior shawl.

Thank you Secret Pal. I love you.



Elly said...

I have that book too and have a couple of the patterns on the needles. They're all really lovely. In case you ever get stuck, there is a knitalong (no new sign-ups allowed) with pictures and tips.

Was a good evening last night, even though I arrived so late!


Anonymous said...

Hello Secret Pal!

Yes it was me (I sent you an email last week to let you now it was coming!!!!!!)

Hope you enjoy it,