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Monday, April 23, 2007

Why Paint Cats? and coconuts

So I was sitting at my desk at (my other) work today, the NT box office and there was a book lying on the table next to me - Why Paint Cats? - why indeed! This reminded me of the sheep we saw at Unravel last year, although there's something more sinister about dyeing cat's fur, I think because it seems less etchical somehow, as the sheep will be shorn, the cats won't. It doesn't really make much sense in my head, and I have to admit that some of these do look amazing, but I'm not sure I'm convinced that cats should be used as works of art, or indeed whether we have the right to modify our animals to be cosmetically more interesting to look at! And why oh why would you want to make your cat's bumhole look like Charlie Chaplin!? I know there's lots of you knitters out there who are by nature cat lovers so I thought I'd share. It's one of the most bizarre books I've seen since the brilliant Dancing With Cats.

Totally worn out today anyway after yesterday's exertion - i did five loads of washing, whilst watching the marathon on the telly. I was really hoping to get down to the Grapes pub and joint Cast Off and fellow knitters to cheer on Susie Hewer who set the first world record for the longest scarf knitted whilst running a marathon! We saw Susie being interviewed on the BBC before she set off though and there's more to come so you can still sponsor her at the Just Giving website. Well done to her, and to everyone who ran yesterday. G was at the finish line helping out with the many WaterAid runners who take part each year and was inspired to do it next year - he's trying to convince me that it's something everyone should do once in their life - but we'll see how long his enthusiasm lasts.

Off tonight to play coconuts in Trafalgar Square - first day it's rained in ages!



Anonymous said...

The cat painting book is a spoof - its very cleverly done though hehehe....


I Knit London said...