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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wanna be in our gang...?

It's late Wednesday night (midnight exactly!) and just got in from our Weds night knit meet - this week we went back to one of our favourite haunts, The Crown and Two Chairmen in the middle of Soho. We had a great time, and funnily enough the usual suspects were all left standing when the 'last round' was called! Thanks to everyone who came along tonight, it's always nice to welcome new and old faces alike. Special mention to Christine, who I must send best of luck to, who was resolutely knitting away with 2 books on her lap AND a copy of her own lace pattern. You go girl! Then there was Philip, who met first at the last meeting at the Retro Bar, knitting his fried eggs, sausage, toast and mushrooms....you go girl too. In fact we owe Philip a debt for renaming us tonight, we are no longer the IKL knitting group, we are officially the IKL gang, and we welcome new members anytime. I haven't been in a gang since 1984 so it feels a bit special - we're a nice gang though, not some kind if knitting mafia! I blame Skins meself, look out for the official IKL trash the house party soon...

We also decided tonight that we'll be taking part in the world record attempt for the largest coconut orchestra, being held in Trafalgar Square on Monday night. It's all something to do with those crazy Monty Python kids and the day of St George. Come along and meet us in the Retro Bar between 5 and 6pm and then head off to Traf. Sq. to play your coconuts. Should be a laugh and no mistake. On the subject of fruit, I'm pleased to report that IKL is possibly the only knitting gang where you can also pick up some rhubarb. Here's Valerie taking home her rhubarb stash, and thanks to the always unpredictable Esther for providing said vegetable (I was reliably informed by Roy that rhubarb is indeed a veg that is eaten like a fruit, but isn't a fruit. And a banana is a herb. And a cucumber is a fruit). Esther the unpredictable has also promised to bring along her horse, Bounty, to the coconut orchestra on Monday, and , y'know, I wouldn't be surprised if that actually happened.
As far as the knitting goes, I got started on the back of the tank top, but stalled fairly early on thanks to the Brothers Pear Cider. G and I first had a taste of this at Glastonbury two years ago (which reminds me I have to get up early Sunday for my second ticket buying ordeal - Shirley demands it). Nice to see it's now available in London, and not only that, but I bypassed the 4% stuff and went straight for the 'festival strength' 7% - it's no wonder after three goes at casting on I called it a night! Kudos to Esther though who was working on the sock design for our new sock club right to the bitter end. You go girl..

Not only did Philip rename us, he also brought a bit of style to the night (excepting the poo-like sausage, above). Here's his T-shirt and bag design that's winging it's way to Japan as we speak to be printed and bought up by a heaving throng of cool Japanesey types. On the subject of cool Japanesey types, we got a surprise package at the shop today laden with the first bit of our Habu order form the NYC trip in March...ooooh, cones of silk, tiny globules of silk and huge chunks of mohair and alpaca. It's fracking* gorgeous! What's also fracking* gorgeous are Elly's shoes - she wears the sexiest shoes in the city and I cannot believe we haven't mentioned them before. Here they are on the Dean Street pavement looking every bit as fabulous as the woman in them. Which reminds me....we're showing Footloose tomorrow at the IKL film night! Haha, what a tenuous link!
Until next time then, night-night,

*this is a special superlative-stroke-swear word reserved for those who watch Battlestar Galactica on the Sci-Fi channel (or from Lovefilm). It's better than the original and doesn't have that stupid dog thingy in it anymore.

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Heatherly said...

i agree! those are awesome shoes!
i love the collinette jitterbug. they are so wonderful to put an actual pattern on the labels. :-)