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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Summer's here...

...and so is the latest Vogue Knitting. I adore this mag so much - it's full of all that stuff that I would just love to knit, but I know I'm a few years away from it! But I find it really inspirational, and believe me for a rookie knitter that's dead important. I see Gerard's knitting, and loads of folk in the knitting group knitting up a storm and it just keeps me going. With G around I'll always have a knitter to look up to! Anyway, this season's issue is trés sexy...two of my favourites are this lovely lacy number by Vladimir Teriokhin and the incredible summer beach rainbow cape by Linda Morse (just beware the baby couture on page 74 - they can't be great all the time I spose!). (And before anyone gets any ideas I don't have a white knicker fetish, it's just a coincidence).

Aren't these just exquisite? I only wish the patterns for blokes were as thrilling, sexy or just as interesting as this. It's enough to drive a man to drag, just to feel a lil' bit special now and then. On the subject of being special, the ever amazing Sue unveiled her lacy shawl, made (in about 5 minutes no doubt) from Jitterbug. I forgot to take a pic but check it out here (scroll to the 11 April post), I just LOOOOVVVEE IT! And I feel privileged to have touched it's gorgeousness!
With all this sun though it looks like the knitters are keeping a low profile. That's my excuse, anyway, for tonight's film night being so, er, well attended. I'm sure G is wrong when he suggests that Footloose wasn't a great choice! How can you resist a bit of Kevin Bacon leaping around a disused warehouse, all pent-up rage and teen angst. I know that's how I used to get my stress levels down. Tractor chicken with Bonnie Tyler on the soundtrack, it just doesn't get any better!

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