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Saturday, October 14, 2006

14th October.....on the radio and by the South Bank

These early Saturday morning starts are getting too much for me! We were up at 6 this morning, with that strange going-on-holiday feeling that always come with being up at some ungodly hour. But, we were only crossing London for an interview with JoAnne Goode on BBC Radio London. It was a laugh really....we were mainly there to talk about today's Knit A River event by the London Eye, but we chatted about knitting in general, our little shop and Jo's secret past as knitwear model for Woman's Weekly!

Back to the shop now, Gerard's sewing more squares together and Charlotte (WaterAid press office) is relaxing on the leather sofa with a cup of pepermint tea. We should do this more often on Saturday mornings instead of lying in bed and wasting it! If you're reading this today (14th October) don't forget to join us down at Jubilee Gardens to see the river, knit squares, and sew them together. It looks like it's a cold day but a dry one so far so all is well.

See you by the Eye form 11am...



Alice said...

I saw you walking round Vauxhall with the "river" this morning!

I was on a 36 bus, sitting with my knitting on my way to work, looking out the window and I spotted someone holding a big blue patchwork blanket, then I remembered today was your day by the river and realised it was THE blue blanket.

I wanted to lean out the window and wave my knitting at you in london knit blog solidarity but realised as it was one of the busier roundabouts in London you'd probably not see me and even if you did I'd still look like a fool.

I hope it all goes well.

angelfeet said...

Sadly I missed the beginning of your turn on BBC London this morning, but heard enough to get excited about what you're doing and also to jot down your web address, hence being here now.

I'll definitely be spreading the word. Good luck with The River.

I Knit London said...

Thanks for that! Alice, the comments on your blog made Gerard's day! Glad to know there was somoene up at that time on a Saturday. We tried to get as much in as we could but with us all fighting for the mikes it wasn't a pretty sight.

Mary-Lou said...

It was great to meet Gerard yesterday at Ally Pally, and add a few more squares to the ever-growing pile (saw him staggering off home after with a huge bag)! - will be along to visit your shop just as soon as possible! Meanwhile, why not install that sewing machine in the shop, just so all your visitors can help sew it all together?