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Friday, October 27, 2006

Knitting is banned!!

We decided on our bar for next Wednesday's IKL meeting, somewhere central and big enough to take all those knitters and their drinks. For some reason we thought we'd reserve a table this time (we usually just turn up and knit)....and they've refused us!! how hilarious is that. Apparently knitting just isn't suitable for this oh so trendy bar just off Leicester Square. I'm toying with the idea of just turning up anyway if anyone's up for it and seeing if they turf us all out onto the street with our needles still clicking! On second thoughts I'm a bit loathe to give them any of my money now....

Oh well, we finally found a bar that isn't cool enough for knitting. Who'd have thought it? Knitophobes have no place in 21st Century and I am proud to out the Salvador and Amanda bar on Great Newport Street as officially not cool enough to knit.


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knit nurse said...

Think we should organise a mobknit there. I'd certainly be game!