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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Pink baby jacket trauma!

I feel deflated and stupid! It was Men's Knit night here at IKL last night and there I was, happily knitting away at the pink baby jacket (see previous post). I was so pleased with myself for getting so far and for shaping the neck...when it suddenly dawned on me that it was actualy a very big jacket for a freaky tall baby! I'd only gone and doubled everything (don't ask) so instead of 55 stitches for the back there were 110, followed by sleeves for the fattest baby in history. Much hilarity ensued as I took the devastating decision to unravel all the way back to stitch 55 and start again. Ha ha. Hilarious. Gerard insisted he'd told me weeks ago that it looked 'a bit big' but I wanted to do this myself without help from Gerard-san, the knit-fu master. Oh well, lessons learned and all that!

Despite that trauma it was otherwise a good one which kept Stefan and I here in the shop til 1 o'clock. That's what I call late night knitting! Soz to Phil and Tim, I didn't make Lippy, but we hope to present them with their knitted lipsticks sometime this millennium (one of those things we just haven't got around to!), and Jon (twisty stitch knitting guru) and Roy (jam maker extraordinaire- please bring some in with you, we can keep it with our lesbian pesto)..thanks for coming down. Three men converted in one evening is some achievement I'd say!

So, enough for now. Gearing up fot tomorrow's club night. Still have cakes to bake and records to sort but we'll manage. Let's see all the knitters in London descend on The George and knit up a storm.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Craig -
I only meant to accompany Phil just to give him a bit of moral support, but I had a great evening and will definitely be back, it was lovely - thanks to you all.
Sorry we missed Sunday, but we may see you Friday.
Take care!