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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Argyll knitting.

Did we mention our gorgeous IKL night at The George Tavern with the gorgeous Shellac Sisters and Mika Sellens...?? Did we...? For those not quite in the know the Shellac Sisters are a fabulous band of lady DJs who play only 78rpm records on wind-up gramophones. Sheer bliss! Mika Sellens is a fabulous singery-songwritery type with a "delicate", "soulful", "rich" and , dare we say it "gorgeous" voice. Heaven! How else can you spend a Sunday evening?.....see previous post for more ridiculous enthusing.

Tonight's meeting was a strange but excellent affair. The Duke of Argyll was perhaps not the most delightful pub we've ever met in (but at £1.70 a pint in the centre of London, who cares!?) but it was a packed and busy night nevertheless. Strange because I think the number of new I Knit Londoners just about outnumbered the rest of us. And excellent...for the same reason. So, thanks for coming along everyone. Gerard sends his apologies, but his homework got the better of him. Here's where I give a welcome to everyone we met tonight, and offend someone by forgetting them and embarrass myself by getting names wrong, but what the heck - (in no particular order)....Christine, Helen, Chris, Jon (yes, men!), Lucy, Ellen, Cat, Jackie, Felicity, Madeleine, Gretchen, Leila...welcome to I Knit London. If I've spelt anything wrong or forgotten someone then please let me know and I'll put it right. We hope you can join us again soon. If only I'd had the mind to knit an Argyll pattern it would've been apt.

Sorry there's no pics tonight as I forgot my camera. I decided, also, not to take the infamous pink baby jacket tonight as I fear an addled mind would set me back somewhat. Decided to get some Colinette Prism and make some 80s style, Corey Haim wristbands. Mmmm, not as easy as I thought. After unravelling and starting again though I did actually get somewhere! Thanks to Jackie for being my yarn holder and Hayley for doing the unravelling. We also picked up a few straddlers tonight...was that guy really a knitter or a bulls***ter...? We'll see if he keeps his word and makes the next meeting...and who was the fella from Hounslow who's going to bring his dear old mum round next time. I don't mind, we'd love to have his dear old mum, but let her organise her own social life! Jon, if you can send that pic from your phone please do, I'd love to put a pic of Helen's bag up on the blog. It's always nice to celebrate the birth of a new, completed, work-no-longer-in-progress into the world.

Tara for now. see you Sunday then.

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