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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Knitting in the rain...

...and it ain't a glorious feeling. Our second fete of the weekend, unfortunately turned out to be a very very wet squib. Although the atmosphere livened up towards the end of the day and the sun managed to come out, we were, by then, just waiting to pack up and go home. Torrential rain for most of the day kept some stallholders and most of the punters away. It's was such a shame as the the festival was right in the centre of London, a short walk from Covent Garden, Oxfoed Street and Holborn. I hope it doesn't dissuade them from repeating it next year becaue it's a part of London that's forgotten about and is often overlooked. You can never rely on the British weather! Still, I met some lovely knitters and admired the water buffalo (I know, how random is that?!) and, although my feet were sodden, it could have been worse.

Things were'nt really helped by my hangover from last night. After a full day in the shop I just needed to get out. It feels like eons since I last had a late night, so while G went off home to bed I crossed town to The George Tavern in East London to see our friends' band 586 playing. I bloody love 'em and it's been ages since I was last one of their gigs. What a good night. Met up with friends and met a friends mum, Deborah, who was finding the raucous George crowd just a bit unsettling! It was her second gig of the week though, in between Robbie the other night and Will Young tonight, so the likes of The George Tavern would upset anyone's consitution in between those two. Anyway, we loved it and danced ourselves dizzy. I even played a cowbell. So, after all that malarkey and a ride home on the night bus (crikey, haven't done that for years now I'm a committed pedal cyclist) it was with utter joy and delight that I got up this morning to spend a day in the rain.

After cycling back to Vauxhall with our trailers full, we headed off to meets friends in Southwark. A tiny new bar called The Rake, which seemingly stocks every beer in the world. Their selection is enormous (so is the price - a round of 4 drinks for £18!!!), but if you're after coconut, peach or pink grapefruit beer then this is the place. I tried some German peach and then some regular blonde beer, whilst John braved the 14% strongest beer in the world (can't remember the name, neither can he now). Afterwards a trip to Tas by The Globe theatre - recommended by everyone present.

As far as knitting goes...Gerard finished his simple, ribbed hat for the winter in pure Wensleydale wool and it's grand. I'm going to have a go with the blue shade if I EVER finish my niece's baby jacket...getting there, but now I'm shaping the front I've hit the hard bit. Also, in my pursuit of all new ways to recycle loads of old shit lying around, I had a go at knitting with bubblewrap today. Bloody impossible.



purl pirate said...

If you use one of Wool n Boats mammoth crochet hooks, you can crochet with bubble-wrap.

(London Knitting Exchange)

I Knit London said...

Thanks Claire, I'm gonna have a go! I was using the WNB giant needles but the bothersome bubblewrap was just too darn sticky. Plus, it was a bit wet too. Nice to see you on Saturday...