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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Last minute pub quiz invite for tonight (Tuesday 3rd October)

Ah, before all this knitting malarkey we used to do stuff of an evening. One of these things was the pop quiz at the best bar in London. As we haven't been for a few months we've decided to go tonight - it's at the Retro Bar, George Court, just off the Strand (affectionately known by the locals and Wendy, the landlady, as piss alley. Nice!). We'll be there tonight from 9pm (after our beginners' class) so if you're around and you know how many weeks Mr Blobby was at #1, or where exactly the brackets are in Steve Harley's Come Up an See Me Make Me Smile, then we need you on our team! It's got nothing to do with knitting, and it's not an I Knit London meeting or 'owt, but it's just a good night out in the only gay pub in London that plays decent music (having said that, it does have a jukebox so that's never always guaranteed).

I know this isn't really what the blog's for, but seemed easier than mass group emails to people who can't go....maybe I'll delete it tomorrow.


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